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It used to be subjective. Now, it’s personal.

Stop guessing and guarantee you’ll enjoy every next glass. Get personalized ratings on beer and wine that are scientifically tailored to your tastes.

Endless possibilities, made simple.

Your taste begins at the molecular level. We’ve brought tens of thousands of bottles through the lab to analyze and store their DNA in our Genome Cellar. This gives us scientific precision in determining what makes each drink unique.

The next step in taste’s evolution.

Descriptions of wine and beer are clouded by vague adjectives, but your own taste speaks clearly. So why trust anything else? Rate drinks you’ve already tasted to build a Taste Profile tailored to you. Then, get ratings on new beers and wines based on their DNA and your preferences.

Discovery, risk free.

Experiment without the risk of disappointment. Have the confidence to try something new wherever you are. Sign up today to receive a personal notification from the Next Glass team and be the first to know when we launch.

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