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My personal score on every drink—what does that mean?

Your score is how much Next Glass thinks you’ll like any drink on a 100-point scale. Our lab tests thousands of compounds in each drink to determine its chemical makeup. Then we compare the drinks you rated in your Taste Profile to every drink tested in our database. Your score is our science and your taste profile compared and matched. High scores mean you’re going to like it. Low scores mean you might want to pick another drink.

How do I create a great Taste Profile?

The machine learning we use is only trained on the data you give it (no one else's ratings influence yours) It's important for our algorithm to pick up both the compounds you like AND dislike. Equally important (if you want to discover things outside of the usual) is to have a lot of diversity in the types of things you rate. For example, if you only rate IPAs and then scan a Cider, we may need more insight before you get an accurate score. Rate as many drinks as you can of all types and varieties and your algorithm will learn you pretty well.

What happened to Deals, Friends, and Glass Match?

To make something great you have to cut out what’s merely good. And that’s what we did. These features weren’t as great as they could have been, so we removed them. Will they be back? Maybe, but probably not as you remember them. Better!

Why do you use a 4 star system? How does it work?

We know the 4-star system is not your typical scale, but there’s a method to our madness!

In order to make accurate recommendations, we need people to fall on one side of the fence or the other with their rating. With 5-star scales, users will cluster toward the middle, three stars, which isn't helpful to our recommendation algorithms.

Here is how our users are using rating scale:

1-Star  : I dislike this drink. It's one of my least favorites. Can I pour it out and get something else?

2-Stars: I would never buy this, but I'll drink it when it's in front of me. Overall, I don't enjoy the taste.

3-Stars: I like this. It's not an all-time favorite, but it's a good, reliable drink that I would pick again.

4-Stars: I love this. I want more hours in the day to keep drinking it

How do I request a drink?

To submit a drink to the database, visit your settings in the Next Glass menu and tap "Request a beer or wine." 

When you submit a drink through the app, it lands directly on our shopping list. Because every bottle is tested in our lab in Wilmington, NC, it may take some time before we process your requests, but rest assured, we’re on it!

When can I filter by region or state?

As you know, the beer and wine industry is always growing. We're improving our database to include more filtering capabilities, whether it be state or geographical proximity. It’s in the works.

Why didn't the camera recognize my drink?

Technology is amazing, but not always perfect. The imaging software we use in the app can sometimes be affected by a number of things:

-Shiny labels and condensation: The reflected light can sometimes cause inaccurate results.

-There's a chance we simply don’t have that bottle in our database... yet!

If a snap comes back with no results try it again, and if that doesn’t work request that we test that drink!

What do the icons next to the drinks mean?

 At our Lab For Testing: Once the drinks enter the Next Glass lab, they are imaged and added to a queue to be tested using our Mass Spectrometer in the lab. If you see this, it means your drink is coming soon!

Rate more drinks to get your score: We don't have enough information to give you an accurate score for this bottle. Rate a few more bottles of drinks you know you like! 

How do I change or delete a rating from my Taste Profile?

Simply swipe the drink you’d like to delete in your Taste Profile. You'll be able to change your star rating by clicking on the drink and re-rating.